Nagapavan Edara Director

A seasoned educator and a consummate leader, Pavan is a visionary who is always thinking ahead and constantly on the look out to make education accessible and student friendly. As the Chairman and Founder of Scale IIT, Pavan truly believed that strong, empathetic content backed by a powerful technology could play a great role in transforming education and how it was consumed. He believes that contemporary, honest education can go beyond just lectures and can change the fate of generations to come.

The Scale IIT Story

The charm of offline learning Now powered by technology

Scale IIT is an ed-tech company that leverages on technology-based education solutions to reach and engage children with innovative learning concepts. The company’s revolutionary online-learning and preparation portal for the IIT entrance examinations – Scaleiit is a part of iicon eduservices. Scale IIT is designed in consultation with the best faculty, students and education experts to enhance the child’s learning pathway.

Our Mission

Every child deserves access to quality education

Irrespective of the kind of education they are receiving or the curriculum they are following, we wish to reach out to every curious child across different strata of society and impact them in a positive way!

Helping children be in control of their learning

Gone are the days when students had to depend on offline mode of learning, with constant support of teachers, outdated study material and pre-defined examination patterns. We endeavor to put the power of learning in the student’s hands – to help students be in charge of their time, their speed and their learning. Scale IIT is an ambitious program that provides IIT aspiring students with a contemporary online learning package containing both study material and online lectures. Students can unlock quality content from the comfort of their home at a miniscule price, assuring value all around.