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    Prepare for IIT, from the comfort of your home
    Comprehensive bank of pre-recorded online
    lectures with exhaustive question papers, grading, feedback and more.
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    Be in control of your learning
    Designed for students between Class 6 – 10, Scale IIT offers a self-paced, personalized learning experience to the IIT aspirant. This helps the student feel comfortable, confident and in control of their learning.
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    Learn from the brightest minds
    Scale IIT features an exhaustive bank of online lessons from the industry’s best teachers who have compiled the core concepts in an easy-to-understand format.


Online Class
Certified Teachers

Take charge of your IIT dreams, the smart way

Your IIT dream just got easier and smarter. If you’re looking for a comprehensive IIT-JEE training course that is equipped with all the benefits of offline learning and enhanced with the latest technology in online education, Scale IIT offers the best of both worlds in a robust, carefully packaged integrated course.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from the best IIT faculty in the country and seek feedback from them.

Comprehensive Study Modules

Carefully constructed study plan with relevant material for best results

Secure Learning

Smart, well-rounded preparation guidelines with secure learning options.

Guaranteed Results

With Scale IIT’s program, you can be assured of a stellar performance in your exams.

Scale IIT helps students with self-paced, personalized learning

Students can gain access to comprehensive study material (subject wise, session wise, concept wise) that contains all the fundamental concepts communicated in way that students can grasp and retain.

All the fundamental and advanced concepts curated in our study material and session plans are in tune with the school syllabus. This ensures that the students are better prepared for unit tests and midterm examinations at the school with our program.

Smart Learning


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