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Scaleiit Influencer Program gives you an opportunity to earn from your contacts.
Tell your contacts about Scaleiit - the most effective (and affordable!) teaching solution for the kids and earn bonus for every user who joins through your personal link


Get your personal customized link to track your referrals


Earn INR 1000 for every user who joins the platform using your link


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Frequently asked questions
How will you know that a user has come through me?
You get your own personalized invite link. When anyone uses your link to book a free trial class on the platform, our system automatically maps them to you.

When do I get paid?
You get paid on the completion of the following two events
  1. Your referral enrols for a batch after taking a trial by paying the fee in advance
  2. The user completes 2 months on the platform
The amount will be settled to your bank account

Know More About Scaleiit
[Tuitions for Class 6 to 10]

Learn from the brightest minds

Scale IIT fetures an exhaustive bank of online lessons from the Industry's best teachers who have copiled the core concepts in an easy-to-understand format.

Unlock quality content

Students can gain access to comprehensive study material (subject wise, session wise, concept wise) that contains all the fundamental concepts communivated in way that students can grasp and retain

Smart, Pocket-friendly Payment Options

Scale IIT makes a consicous effort to keep the fee affordable and fixed for all the classes. Students can prepare for the IIT exams with our self-study program that offers multiple benefits at just Rs. 10,000/- for an yearly subscription (Rs. 833/- per month).

In tune with the school syllabus

All the fundamental and advanced concepts curated in our study material and session plans are in tune with the school syllabus. This ensures that the students are better prepared for unit tests and midterm examinations at the school with our program.

Be in control of your learning

Designed for students between Class6-10, Scale IIT offers a self paced, personalized learning experience to the IIT aspirant. This helps the student feel comfortable, confident and in control of their learning.


While the students get feedback on a monthly basis, we also take feedback from the students.

Did you know our average session rating is 4.8 out of 5? Talk about the love from students!